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Welcome to Apothecary Films!

Apothecary Films was founded in 2006 by Australian independent film maker Benjamin Richards. With over 15 years experience in the TV, Games and Film Industry as a 3d consultant, designer & visual effects artist, Ben has decided to apply his keen photographic eye and passion for story telling to film and documentary production.  

A passion for travel, photography, nature, sociology, psychology, technology, science, technocracy, people and the beauty of life combined with a truly empathic personality makes Benjamin Richards well suited to tell stories from all walks of life across a broad spectrum of topics.

Most of the Apothecary Films projects are licensed under a Creative Commons license. You must contact Apothecary Films should you wish to license, modify or create any derivative works from the content on this site, or other published Apothecary Films / Benjamin Richards works in any and all formats.

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