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Winter for the homeless in Eastern Europe

As you might be aware, Eastern Europe can get pretty chilly with the onset of winter and yesterday saw the first snow fall in Bratislava, making it even more challenging for the homeless. 

Unfortunately I broke part of the head of my tripod yesterday and didn't get much footage but here is a quick compilation of what I managed to get.


Nota Bene 100th Issue

October saw the 100th issue of Nota Bene released. If you haven't heard of Nota Bene before, it is the same thing as The Big Issue which you find being sold by homeless or disadvantaged people in Australia, the UK, USA and many other countries. In Slovak, nota bene means pay attention and to commemorate the 100th issue, an audiobook has also been produced full of children's stories read by different homeless people. Also on the CD, you can find the trailer for my film Divadlo Bez Domova which is also on this site in the video gallery.

For more information about Nota Bene and Proti Prudu ("Against the Stream" the NGO behind Nota Bene), visit



Welcome to Apothecary Films!

Apothecary Films was founded in 2006 by Australian independent film maker Benjamin Richards. With over 15 years experience in the TV, Games and Film Industry as a 3d consultant, designer & visual effects artist, Ben has decided to apply his keen photographic eye and passion for story telling to film and documentary production.  

A passion for travel, photography, nature, sociology, psychology, technology, science, technocracy, people and the beauty of life combined with a truly empathic personality makes Benjamin Richards well suited to tell stories from all walks of life across a broad spectrum of topics.

Most of the Apothecary Films projects are licensed under a Creative Commons license. You must contact Apothecary Films should you wish to license, modify or create any derivative works from the content on this site, or other published Apothecary Films / Benjamin Richards works in any and all formats.

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