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Apothecary Films is totally independent and so far entirely self funded by Benjamin Richards.

I have spent a lot of time and money over the last 18 months shooting my next film HAIKU (teaser below) and to complete it I need to raise at least €20,000 for post production, sound editing, graphics and music licensing.

My target budget is €32,000 but if I cannot raise this much, I will do more of the work myself, which means it will take a bit longer to complete.

This includes paying myself nothing for my work (estimated 3 years to complete) nor does it include the €55,000 I have personally invested so far.

I can continue to work and invest money personally, but anyone's help, large or small is really appreciated.

The film is about empowering homeless people, socially excluded groups as well as mentally and physically disabled people. I am also a social worker with these people, working for free along with everybody else in the team that make up Divadlo Bez Domova. The theatre functions on the generosity of private donations and my hope with this film is to raise awareness of the work we all do and to help acquire more funds for our NGO so we can do more and help achieve our goal of a more inclusive world for disabled and marginalised groups of people.

The smallest donations do help and you will receive a special thanks in the credits of the film for making it possible.



Amount raised so far... €675